Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Prelude to Review of the Christopher Nolan Batman Trilogy...

I finally saw "The Dark Knight Rises" last night and had been planning for some time to blog about it however I have decided that the series itself is worth discussing from beginning to end - from "Batman Begins" to "Batman the Dark Knight" finishing with "The Dark Knight Rises". I will have a new post for each film shortly beginning with the first two followed by the final (?) installation. This will allow me to discuss the full spectrum of ideas and controversies surrounding these films. I also intend to have some concluding remarks regarding the horrific shootings in Aurora Colorado. This trilogy is deep and dark and deserves a large degree of one's attention to explore the hidden meaning behind the characters and plots. It is my intention to direct your attention to what really matters in these films and how they can be used to shape public opinion as well as become catalysts for new ideas whose time has come.

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  1. I like all Nolan movies!!! And Dark Knight is my favorite!!!