Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Ides of March


Spring Cleaning

Time to wake up from our winter hibernation and notice that the light is increasing again. After arguably the most stressful, exhausting and tumultuous year on this planet (particularly for those of us following the relevant memes on the alternative blogospheres and media) I went into "hibernation" as did many others. It appears that the end of 2012 was something of an anti-climactic bust with the world not ending after all in spite of the constant attempts by the mainstream media to insist that every "conspiracy theorist" on the planet was promoting an "end of times" scenario (most were not). As a side note, they are very good at building up strawman arguments and burning them down in front of the public but I digress...

So why am I back? Well, after watching the "Ethos" documentary this weekend put forward on the internet by Woody Harrelson it suddenly dawned upon me that in fact we have crossed the rubicon and breached a major threshold that many of us alternative/independent thinkers thought would never come:

Conspiracy theories have gone mainstream.

What I admire about Harrelson and this documentary he has put together is his earnest attempt to inform the public about what is really going on and why our world appears to be in such a state of crisis without jolting them too quickly and simultaneously paying homage to the conspiracy theory movement. And though he does make it clear that you can't believe everything you hear in the conspiracy circles of knowledge/information, he also makes it clear that many of these theories are worth pondering and cannot be outright dismissed.

So, thank you Woody for sticking your neck up and doing what those of us with little visibility in the outside world could never accomplish - begin to convince the masses. I can say from my own personal experiences with both friends and family members that even beginning to touch upon conspiracy minded facts and information very often results in a complete psychological shutdown. A variety of cop-outs are often given like "I don't have the time for that" or "I don't think we need to go there" or "you can't believe everything you hear on the internet" or the kicker "that's crazy!". Yes, truly we have heard it all and many of us (myself included) have given up trying to get the remaining 80+ percent of the population to understand, let alone agree with, the fact that many world events are determined by conspiracy alone.

Woody however has shown us how to break through to the masses and that indeed it is happening! Recall that scientific research has put forward the theory that once 80% of a population adopts a particular pattern or meme then it persists almost indefinitely as the remaining 20% struggles in isolation to persuade the herd and eventually fractures into splinter groups. The reverse is also true though - once 20% of the population embraces a new belief those beliefs become much more easily adopted by the remainder and I believe we are just beginning to breach that ratio. Therefore I must thank Woody for reminding me that even people working within the system "get it" and are working very diligently to safely dismantle it from the inside.

However I would like to leave you with a final thought. At the end of the day yelling at our leaders and attacking everyone who does not adopt our beliefs will not get us anywhere. Instead lets follow Woody's lead and make our cases clearly and rationally to win the hearts and minds of the public. Let us understand that many of these people resist the knowledge we possess simply because they are afraid and have no other way of conceptualizing their fears and facing them other than to simply deny their existence. I readily admit that I often scoff myself at the herd-mentality of the masses and their use of irrational tricks to deceive themselves from what is facing us collectively. But if we reach out gently and wisely and let these people know that we are here to help them transition into the new paradigm smoothly and with great care and forethought for their well being, they will eventually follow suit. And likewise I would offer that we need to all recognize the way in which we ourselves have participated in the status-quo system and gained from it in various ways that may have benefited ourselves while harming others. We must indeed contemplate even these difficult things before we are fully ready to move forward and shed this broken status-quo, money-hoarding, biosphere-destructive, narcissistic system for good.

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